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ACT 2 Practitioner

Animal communication is a very natural process that is happening all around us every day. Our animals are communicating with us and each other all the time, not through words but through thoughts and feelings. For example have you noticed how your dog knows when it is time to go out for a walk before you have even reached for your coat, how your cat can never be seen when you are thinking of taking it to the vet, or how your horse reacts differently when you are riding feeling nervous or upset?

Most of the time we are not conscious of these subtle communications because our minds are just too busy to notice. But by becoming peaceful in our minds and removing everyday clutter we can open up a quiet space which is then receptive and can tune into animal's thoughts and feelings.

The role of the communicator is to use this technique to build a bridge of communication between a person and their animal with the intention of helping both parties.

Seeing things from the animal's perspective can often open our eyes to causes of problem behaviour or symptoms of illness of which we were previously unaware. This greater understanding can lead to changes in attitude or behaviour towards the animal, to enable effective healing to begin.

In appropriate cases this might be combined with Reiki healing
Fees and Booking

Home consultation £60 per hour plus travel
Phone consultation £60 per session