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Heather Day is a brilliant animal communicator.  From a photo of my rescue Papillon Georgie, and the simple statement that Georgie is a rescue, Heather was able to pinpoint Georgie's personality, and his problems, very accurately.  I would say that her conversation with Georgie was 100% accurate.  I would highly recommend this talented animal communicator.
Catherine O'Driscoll, Canine Health Concern.

Thank you so much for contacting Monty for me. I am a total convert to animal communication now. You couldn't have known any of the things you told me about Monty and they were very specific too! This has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking.
Jenni Winter

My name is Gary and I have an 18 month old Rottweiler called Belle. She was always full of life and loved meeting other dogs when out walking and became very good friends with a shepherd/lab cross called Wookie. His owner was moving away and was looking to rehome him so I took him in. It was great for couple of weeks then I noticed a change in Belle's attitude. I contacted Heather to see if she could help. Heather did a communication with Belle and emailed me her findings which were that Belle was happy knowing Wookie as a friend she could visit; she was unhappy about a toy a food bowl and a game and that she was not sure where home was. I was amazed because Belle has a toy hamburger that Wookie got hold of and they fell out over. I also gave Wookie her water bowl to feed him out of and the tug of war that myself and Belle played was replaced by football after Wookie arrived. I have also moved house 3 times in the past year. I gave Wookie back to his owner and am back playing tug of war with Belle again. I have given her the run of the house and see such a change in her almost back to her old self and is much happier and bouncier ......
Thank you so much Heather for your help.

We covered a lot of ground with Penny, from her physical condition to her toilet habits, her relationships with the cats and with me. Heather was able to express Penny's emotions, her physical problems and her opinions very clearly. Heather was composed, professional, empathetic and able to explain her communication with Penny clearly and compassionately.
Jan Watson and dog Penny

Heather's ability to tune into our 5 month boxer puppy Megan was truly amazing. She picked up that her mother had rejected her (she didn't feed any of the litter and they were hand reared) and that she was insecure as a consequence. She was also able to tell us how Megan hates being pulled by her collar and related an event that had happened the night before she had communicated with Megan, when I had put my fingers behind her collar to check if it was the correct tightness. Megan had struggled and pulled away - hating every moment of it. Truly impressive

Janet  Farrugia
Dear Heather
I just wanted to thank you so much for the Reiki session yesterday. I felt a great flow of energy and warmth from your hands placed on me and my circulation continued to keep my hands and feet warm (they are always cold!). I also had a great relaxed and calm feeling which carried on into the evening. I woke up this morning having had a wonderful sleep and still feeling relaxed and energized today. I really am feeling very positive and motivated since having Reiki and I really found it an enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Louise from Ashtead 22/05/2013

I have been having regular Reiki sessions with Heather for some time now. I can honestly say that I find the sessions very beneficial and very calming and fully recommend both Heather and Reiki and know that Heather gives her all both in friendship and professional relationships.
Anne Clement 16/8/2012

Heather is a very calm person.  I found the experience both calming and relaxing.... Beth