Silent Connections Limited         Company number: 5418158        Registered Office: 18 Leith View, North Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey RH5 4TG
How did Silent Connections come about?
It all started when I stumbled across a website which showed an amazing way to work with animals - the Trust Technique.  I was hooked immediately and became a member on the website. Through this medium I came to understand that this gentle and effective way of working with animals (and with their human carers) was born from a combination of Reiki healing and advanced animal communication, inspired by its founder James French. From that point forward it seems I was destined to learn these new life skills, all of which I have found to be truly wondrous. My training in these skills has brought an increased level of understanding and healing into my life and it would give me great pleasure to be able to share some of this with you.

  •  Resolving behaviour issues
  •  Making transitions easier (new house; baby; animal companion)
  •  Gaining a deeper understanding of physical problems/working alongside vets and other practitioners
  •  Building a closer relationship between you and your animal
  •  Getting insight from your animal companion into your own life, work and relationships
  •  Bereavement healing by helping you and your animals to move past the sadness of loss  into a place of happy remembrance
  • Bringing FUN into your life

Reiki healing for people and animals

  •  Relief from stress, tension and anxiety
  •  Easing long term pain
  •  Increasing energy levels
  •  Creating a greater sense of harmony
  •  Pain relief for various illnesses and injuries
  •  Accelerated healing from surgery
  •  Emotional healing; behavioural issues
  •  Prevention of illness
  •  Easing the transition to death
Through my work I hope to be able to bring more harmony into the lives of all those I work with, humans and animals alike.

Heather Day

How can I help?

More information about the Trust Technique can be found on my Trust Technique page including a short introductory video and a link to the website.